Small town upgrade

I grew up in a small town called Hamburg, Iowa and ever since I was a little girl I loved to sing. On the farm my audience started out as the animals we had and the long car rides to Nebraska City. It was there, I learned to play guitar. It wasn't always easy, in 2011, my family lost our house, farm, and entire world in a flood that would take us years to recover from. Living inside a camper for almost a year until finally moving into a house I was able to resume lessons in Omaha, Nebraska. I started performing at high school functions,  Popcorn Day, and the sporting events. Today, I am a graduate from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Audio Production with a minor in Entertainment Technology.

About LWTD

From love, loss, and heartache this album unfolds the emotions I've carried throughout my years. Learning along the way that with all the pain and sorrow there is happiness. The happiness of life is showcased within songs like, Flyover States, and Me and You. 

This album features 13 original songs, featuring Mother, Toxic Lovers, and Come Back Home.

about Mother

‘Mother’ is the perfect Mother’s Day song and tribute for all the moms in the world, so I couldn’t think of a better weekend to release it! When I was writing ‘Mother’, I was inspired by my own mom. She is the person that is reliable, consistent, and mostly importantly always on my side no matter the distance. I wanted something to portray how I saw her and with this song I believe I did just that. It’s tough to support a child in this insane dream of being an artist but she has every step of the way, my entire family has gone the distance. Deciding on the cover art I wanted to use a family photo. Specifically one of my grandmother, Charlotte, when she was young but soon discovered that the perfect piece of art was in fact my moms high school graduation photo. I hope you enjoy it!

About Toxic Lovers

The process of creating Toxic Lovers started with the synth sounds. I was thinking of different ways I could create music besides writing them down and playing guitar first. Listening back the words flowed, bouncing off of the beat making it feel full of life. The lyrics talk about a love that you are drawn to but it’s for all of the wrong reasons. They’re simply not good for you, it’s toxic. The constant battling and messing with emotions out of “love” isn’t how it should be. You get engulfed with the thought that it’s real, that this is what passion is like. But in reality it’s not, you’re Toxic Lovers.

About Come Back Home

Come back home is about dealing with depression and finding out that life truly gets better. With all the hardships within life, you have to keep moving to make it home to people that love and care about you and for yourself. I wanted to create a song that people could relate to as well as be encouraged when hearing it. Just remember to always Come Back Home!

Thank you so much I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do!